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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Signing Report: Lauren Conrad

So, as a few of you know,
Vania, Shalonda, Kelsey and I all attended the Oh So Amazing Lauren Conrad book signing. Ugh, I know. But with good people, even the worst situations can become fun! So I arrive at the Barns and Nobles sometime after three and Vania was already there (cause she was soo super excited about the signing, she got there early) and what do you know? It starts to rain. Thankfully Shalonda shows up with an umbrella! We were shortly joined by Kelsey and then proceeded to wait in line surrounded by-- you guessed it, Lauren Conrad lookalikes. You know what I'm talking about.

Anywhoo, after receiving our Magenta ticket, we decided to head to the mall and proceed to eat and chit-chat while waiting for the signing to start-- at seven. Which it didn't, by the way. Well, what we did notice about the people surrounding us was, well, their clothing. We saw everything from prom dresses to swim suits-- to a particularly hideous short bodysuit. Who exactly were they dressing up for? Boys? Because from what we saw, they wouldn't be interested in the ones that did show up.

So after discussing our plans to make a movie about the secret lives of book bloggers (starring Ashton) the line started moving. Lauren finally decided to grace us with her presence. I think we all went deaf. A bookstore full of girls screaming really is a unique experience I'm sure only rivaled by Edward Cullen walking into an all girls school. Well, I'm sure the latter would win that contest, but still. They were quite loud.

Shalonda and Vania both got their books signed (and if your interested in winning Vanias, head over to her blog!) and we kind of just chilled. It was really great to meet Shalonda, Kelsey and Vania, and I can't wait to hang with them again!

Oh, and to show you how excited Vania--left (and Shalonda--right) was:

Lol Just kidding. To really understand Vania's deep feelings for Lauren Conrad, please check out her blog.


  1. That was definitely an experience I won't soon forget!

  2. I've never been to a signing before, but me and my three bestest buddies attended the midnight release party for Deathly Hallows at B&N, that was pretty fun. There was this one lady dressed as Rita Skeeter, very convincing too, if I might say.

  3. I wish to go to a signing, but Sarasota isn't a big signing place... wait till I get to NY ;)

  4. There is one B&N that is near me that seems to always have author signings. Carrie Ryan recently went there and signed stock, and also-- Melissa Marr came for Fragile Eternity *hugs signed copy*. That was the B&N that we went to for the LC signing.

  5. LOL! We should post this on all the blogs how EXCITED VANIA WAS to get her book signed by Lauren! Hilarious! <3

  6. I know! Hee hee, I mean... all Vania has been doing is Vloging about LC. xD


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