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Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Other are you?

Karen Kincy, Author of Other, put up this quiz to find out what Other you are. So take a go and find out! I got Pooka-- But then again, I told her so! x)

What Other are you?
Your Result: Pooka

You are a pooka! A mischievous shapeshifting spirit from Wales and Ireland, you have the power to transform into nearly any animal you wish, a wild black horse being your favorite form. Rumor has it that you lure people onto midnight rides, then dump them into ditches. Travelers wary of your trickery should watch out for your sulfurous yellow eyes. Gwen, the hero of OTHER, is half-pooka, though she's never met her Welsh father.






What Other are you?
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I would also like to say thank you to Karen for being my 100th Follower!! A contest is soon to come, so keep checking!


  1. You did tell me so. ;)

    (Just noticed this... not sure why I didn't see it sooner in Google Reader.)

  2. Haha it's ok! Anyways... Funny story. I went on a ride at Busch Gardens and they had you ride a Pooka! I had never heard of it before you, and now I'm seeing it everywhere!


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