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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guest Post: Taschima, The Bloody Bookaholic!

Today I have Taschima, of the Bloody Bookaholic here at my blog, giving her take on Vampires for Vampire week!! Thank you Taschima! --Eli.


Before I beginning let me introduce myself. I am Taschima, supreme brownie maker. All who love brownies bow down to me!! Not really, but let me believe it. My blog's name is BloodyBookaholic. And I'm all about the supernatural.

So, I have a secret. A secret so dark, I think I won't let you guys know. Well, Ill tell you after I finish babbling for a bit. Be patient, it will come. Oh just so you know I have lured Eli out of her blog by putting books as trail and leading her to a cage where she will stay until I'm finished. But don't you worry, she is in there with books so, she's having a good time... I think.

Oh October, the month for the supernatural to flourish. My favorite month, if just for the darkness it entails. Anyways, so I'm going to tell you something, I am no fan of werewolves. Big, hairy, drink water from the toilet? Nah uh, not for moi. So I'm going to stick to my guns, and that is The Creatures of the Night. The Elite bloodsucking fiends. Elegant and sexy to the tenth capacity with some wildness and deadliness to them you can only but succumb to their wishes and desires. Yeah, I know, basically hotness in concept. My vampires.

So there are lots of different kinds of vampires. You got your savage ones, your sexy ones, warriors, spiritual vamps, even ones that put glitter on themselves so they look nice in the light of day.Talk about attention whores. Anyways my favorite type are the ones from The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Basically J.R. Ward, the author, portraits them as another culture. Another specimen of people, because they ARE people nonetheless. They are spiritual, have their own religion and everything, and a community. Which they are trying to keep alive by kicking some bad guy ass. But that's another story. The thing with these guys is that they need a little bit of blood to stay on focused. BUT not human blood as many others, but blood from their own kind. Apparently human blood ain't enough, too weak, and you could say that is rather insulting, but what would you prefer really? They also can't stay up past sunlight, they burn. This is my less favorite characteristic about them, but oh well can't win on everything. Plus they have the RAWR factor already installed since birth. So extra points ;)

Oh and they kick ass like there is no tomorrow. You see, what I think is that what most attracts us to vamps, other than super sexy guys who can sway you anytime they want and protect you, is the danger of being with one. The thing you cant really have. The forbidden. I mean even Eve had a weakness. And oh damn this is mine.

PS; My secret? I lost the key to Els cage and now I'm scared cause I don't know how to get her out. Anybody want to help?


  1. Great post guys!

    P.S. Throw some cookies in. She'll be fine for awhile!

    Natalie @ Mindful Musings

  2. LOL! Yes...cookies and books are enough to occupy her until you can find a strong Vamp to rip open the cage!!

  3. Haha! Does the cage have a water bottle?
    Great post, y'all! Happy Vampire Week!!!

  4. What's with the cookies? I thought you were the Supreme Brownie Maker! Give her some brownies and she'll be fine so long as she has her books. *L*

    Have to agree with you that the Black Daggar Brotherhood are definitely hawt! Loved your post! :)

  5. Oh no, now I'm seriously hungry! Me want brownies!

    I hope Eli is out of her cage now, if not you might try asking one of the super strong vampires to break her out =D

    I SO want to read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, now I want to even more than before!

    Great interview!

  6. xD@ Zombie Girrrl. A water bottle? What is she, a hamster now? ;P Oooh, I didn't know the vamps from the Black Dagger Brotherhood were so hawt, lolz.

    I'll bust you out, Eli! Lemme get my blowtorch and I'll melt the cage bars; just hold on to your books because I'd hate to burn the pages x3

  7. I love how Taschima describes the different types of Vampires, because its true, there are so many different levels of vampire. What can I say, the vampire is a complex creature. :)

  8. "So there are a lot of different kinds of vampires... even ones that put glitter on themselves so they look nice in the light of day.Talk about attention whores."

    This line cracked me up. You're so funny, Taschima! I'll have to check out your blog (even though I actually prefer werewolves, I happen to love brownies a lot!)


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