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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My thoughts on Werewolves

Hello everyone! I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the paranormal species we know as werewolves.

What is a werewolf exactly? Stereotypically, they are humans that turn to wolf-like-creatures when the full moon comes out. Usually they are dangerous, having no control over themselves when they actually turn. Silver burns them, and most often take the shape of silver bullets.

However, Young Adult novels have really taken werewolves to a new level.
From Harry Potter to Shiver and Blood and Chocolate, werewolves have been seen throughout modern teen fiction. Every novel takes its own spin on this classic beast and either romanticizes it, or creates an even larger fear of it. It is actually really interesting to see how the werewolf has been transformed from monster to love interest. Where is the beast that once haunted our dreams?

Personally, I find the humanizing of werewolves fascinating. I love the idea that there is more to them then just blood lust and gore. That the human is still there, and just wants to be loved as well and anyone else. Mostly it seems, that you do not have a choice on if you become a werewolf or not. You were just the guy walking in the park at night and were attacked by "a large animal".

It seems crazy t
hat people should hate someone caught in such a sad predicament. Of course we should be weary because when that person does change, they are dangerous. But it is not usually the humans fault. It is just their sad fate. Other times, like in Blood and Chocolate, you were born a werewolf. This is an interesting idea and actually should be feared many times more then the human who was turned. I expect a lot more werewolf titles to be showing up in Young Adult in the future. I personally enjoy hearing their story and reading the different ways authors can skew the myth.

Books that have Werewolves in them:

-Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause
-Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
-Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis
-The City of Bones series by Cassandra Clare**
-The Demonata series by Darren Shan**
-Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow**
-New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (also, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn)**
Note on New Moon: Please do not spoil anything for readers who have not finished the series.

Werewolf titles suggested by commenters:

-Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith** (L.H. Parker)
-Need by Carrie Jones** (L.H. Parker)

**Please note that these titles are not exclusively werewolf titles, but contain werewolves within them. Also, may not be werewolves in the traditional sense.

Feel free to comment with more Werewolf titles to share!


  1. Oh, man. I have a love hate relationship with werewolves. I want to love them but they're always protrayed as caveman-like jerks (except Remus Lupin). Maybe I've been burned too many times. *sigh*

    Anyway two more YA title with werevolves are:

    -"Tantalize" by Cynthia Leitich Smith
    -"Need" by Carrie Jones

    The teens at my library seem to like them.

  2. I love that about werewolves and vampires. They are so flexible and none of their species traits are written in stone. Authors can do some much with them.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. @La Coccinelle: I'm deleting your comment for spoiler reasons. Sorry! I am aware of your point (I did read the books you know lol), but I felt if I had left it out of the list, people would be commenting about how I should include it. Hope you understand.

  5. I didn't know Tantalize and Need were about werewolves, I thought they were about fairies (faeries?).
    The Summoning and The Awakening (along with the upcoming finale to that series, The Reckoning) by Kelley Armstrong have werewolves, as does Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow. I love those titltes, BTW. :)
    Great post!

  6. I never really loved the werewolves in books until I read Nalini Singh's Shifters series. There are shape-changers of all types in those books, and they are HOT. :) Great post!

  7. I would like to suggest the mercy thompson series by Patricia Briggs =)

  8. These look like some really good recomendations! My hearty thanks to you.

    I'm ecstatic to see werewolves getting more love - don't get me wrong, I love me a good vampire tale, but werewolves are so unnapreciated.... maybe its the hairy thing?

  9. That's some great werewolves books! :)

  10. I don't know if you are only taking recommendations for YA books but if not then I recommend:

    Bitten and Stolen(other supernaturals as well but MC is a werewolf) by Kelley Armstrong and Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong - note this is not solely a werewolf book, there are other supernaturals (MC is a witch).

    I love werewolves, love them more then vampires. They are one of my fav supernatural creatures.

  11. I love werewolves! And all the books listed I have either read and loved, or am dying to reed? Go figure:)

    Oh yeah, have you heard of Rachel Hawthorne's "Dark Guardian" series (Moonlight, Full Moon, Dark of the Moon, Shadow of the Moon) they're about werewolves and supposedly really good! :)

  12. I read Never Cry Werewolf and I liked it. There was a lot more to the story than just a werewolf. I am dying to read Shiver

  13. Well, werewolves seem to be the new vampires, don't they? Personally, I like them far better than vampires, anyway. It's like the difference between Edward and Jacob when they hug Bella - Edward is cold as a marble statue, while Jacob is all warm and soft fur. (Yeah, I'm on Team Jacob, in case you haven't noticed it already).

  14. I really agree with you Eli, the combination of animal and human features totally fascinates me! I feel like I really should start Shiver now...


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