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Monday, November 23, 2009

What are you reading Mondays -7

So I wasn't as productive last week as I thought I was going to be. Oh well. During winter break I should have a lot of time to read!

What I Read:

-Lost Worlds by John Howe

What I'm Reading:

What I plan to Read:

-Candle Man by Glenn Dakin
-Dark Calling by Darren Shan

So those are my plans for this week. What are yours?

This meme is brought to us by: J. Kaye's Book Blog.


  1. I agree. Winter gets me in the mood to read more. Love it!

  2. Have a fun week of reading. The sorter days make me want to read more. My Monday:

  3. I can't wait for winter break too! here's my list :)

  4. Candle Man looks so good! I have seen some good reviews on this one.


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