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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ice Winner

And the winner is...


Thank you everyone who entered! I appreciate everyone who took their time to answer the question. Hehe, a few of my favorites were:

"If a polar bear wanted to marry me I would tell him he's cute but politely decline." -Lori

"If a polar bear asked me to marry him, I'd say, "You're gonna turn into a handsome, human prince at the end, right? No deal if you're just a regular bear!" (Isn't there something about this in the 10 Commandments or Leviticus?)"-Zombie Girrrl

"if a polar bear wanted to marry me I'd ask him if he was a nice polar bear, and if he was I'd marry him. If he's not I'd eat him! ;p" -Robolobolyn

"If a Polar Bear wanted to marry me... I would politely tell him no and buy him a ticket to Alaska. Unless he lived in an enchanted castle and was actually a cursed prince in disguise, who would later turn back after finding true love... Then maybe yes."-Anna

"If a polar bear wanted to marry me I would think I must have lost my mind and then probably check myself into a mental hospital" -throuthehaze

"If a polar bear would like to mary be, 1 he would be a very cute polar bear, 2 have a great seth of teeth so he can catch me my fish, 3 when I finally kiss him he should transform in a beautiful prince. YEP."-Nina

"If a Polar Bear wanted to marry me... i would really start worrying since i am hearing a polar bear talk then i'd probably see if my cat has any comments on this and then i would have to say no cause i really don't think my husband would like this...or maybe he would :)"-katayoun

"What would I do if a polar bear asked me to marry him? - dance around in absolute glee, convinced I was Belle and he was the Beast- though not the one in the Disney tale. I never liked him :) either that or he was a Were-polar bear. In fact- that might actually be cooler."-Emily

"If I married a polar bear, I would take the opportunity to cuddle it every day! And you know how guys are with cuddles... It'll drive him away, leaving me to be free! :D"-nl-mars

"Umm...if a polar bear wanted to marry me I think I might just run in the other direction. I mean I like my men big...but c'mon."-Parajunkee

"If a polar wanted to marry me, I'd ask to date him first. I'm not one for rushing into things. If we clicked, then we could talk marriage. :)"-The Ultimate Dumpees

"- If the Polar Bear is a regular good ol'Polar Bear, chances are it wants to eat me rather than marry me so I'd run for the hills if that was the case. Besides, even if it wasn't trying to kill me there's the chance of iffy bugs being stuck in its fur, the fact that it has claws and the fact that it's breath probably stinks rather badly of fish and/or seal.

- If the Polar Bear is a teddy, and I'd die if I didn't marry it - sure. I mean, it's a teddy, can't do much harm, right? Suddenly old 90's movies about toys trying to take over the world comes to mind. Actually, I think I'd just wrap the teddy up and send it to a friend I didn't like very much. Yeah, that sounds better...

- If the Polar Bear is a shapeshifter - well, if he leaves the toilet seat up, is an utter slob and only wants me as a maid - no deal, even if it means death. Seriously, I have enough trouble trying to clean up after myself thank-you-very-much. However, if he does do his part of the chores, buys me chocolate and books... Why not? First of I might have a shot at actually petting a Polar Bear, which would be pretty wicked, and second, pop-culture has made shapeshifters out to be hot, so nothing to lose there, right? (And besides, chocolate AND book-buying + decent cleanliness = pretty darn awesome guy if he treats you good) At the very least it's a Polar Bear and not a shape-shifting spider or something *shudder*" -Valneanne

"i would say to the bear 'i would marry you but only if you were a prince that is disguising as a bear. otherwise, could i just keep you as a pet and you'd live in my house & be pampered? I'll put you in a special airconditioned room and find you a decent polar bear mate and you'll have cute little polar bear babies!'"-Ruby

Ok! So, if I posted your entry above, be the first to comment here and you win a $5 gift card to a book store of choice!! The only people allowed to enter are the people whose comment I quoted above. :D Thanks everyone!


  1. Okay now I can be a bit more coherent since I'm not in a hurry lol. I'm first Yay!


  2. Hahaha fun!

    Congrats April!

    I want to know what april answered...

  3. Congrats April and those were good. I didn't enter the contest but I would like to say... if a polar bear asked me to marry him, I would stare in shock thinking 'WTF- this polar bear can talk! Of COURSE I will marry him- we are going to be rich because, hello, talking polar bear!' and just keep staring....

  4. Congrats April...I'll look forward to seeing the review up on your blog!

  5. lori you were fast! and congrats april! annnnnnnd this was fun, thanks!

  6. Congrats, April! Happy reading!


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