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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eli's Weekly Post -14

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to ask if I could get you guys to go over to my left sidebar and participate in my poll? I was wondering what everyone thought of the LinkWithin widget and whether or not I should keep it. It would be great if you guys could vote!

Also, I forgot to mention I went to see The Lightning Thief! Anyone else see it yet? I kinda loved it. Obviously there are differences from the book, but I thought it was pretty good. Besides the, you know, corny-ness of the lines. :]

Let me know!


  1. I participated in the poll and YES I saw Percy Jackson a few days ago and really liked it! I haven't read the series yet so I didn't have anything to compare the movie to, lol.

    I loved the special effects. The scenes where Percy controls the water? Um, AWESOME!

  2. I started reading the Percy Jackson series last month (Took a two week break between the third and fourth books, and I just finished the last one this morning, actually, lol), and I made the mistake of seeing the movie so soon after reading the first book. Because I read the book and saw the movie so close together.. the movie really disappointed me. They changed almost the entire plot, I wasn't really happy with some of the casting (these kids are supposed to be TWELVE!).. but alas. They did so well with Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, but this series, which I will argue is just as epic, can't be made into an excellent movie? Sigh.

    Also, side note - I need to stop using so many commas. That is all.

    Another side note (so not, that isn't all).. I did think they did well with the soundtrack, which was a plus.

    ~!~ Morning Glow

  3. I loved it ^_^ sure there were the overly dramatic parts and the mildly cheesy parts but still overall I loved it :)

  4. I really like the link within widget, so I voted that you should keep it. I use statcounter for statistic on my blog and I can see that it's being used(perhaps you have a statistic where you could check it out as well?).


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