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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post to say a few things:

1) Don't forget to eat chocolate today!

2) Even if you don't have a special someone to cuddle with, don't be down! Watch a fun movie with the girls/guys and make a BUNCH of cupcakes!

3)Those with special someones-- Valentine's day should be equal opportunity! Maybe it should be your turn to treat your special someone? :)

Well hope everyone has a fantastic day! <3>


  1. Haha, great post! Happy Valentine's Day to you too :) Those cupcakes look yummy!

  2. Aww, what cute cupcakes. Yay for V-day chocolate! Happy Valentine's Day! :D

  3. I want some cupcakes now =) Happy Valentine's Day!!


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