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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day/Contest

Happy Earth Day!

Hello everyone! Happy Earth Day! I hope everyone is doing something great for the earth today! Because I also want to do something great for the earth besides recycle and other various volunteer projects, I wanted to throw a contest and recycle some of my books to you! This will be a different kind of contest then I normally do.

This is how you get entries:
1) Post here! If you have a blog, you don't have to leave your email as long as I can find your blog from your post. If you don't, please leave me an email or twitter-- some way to contact you.
2) Keep posting here! For every post you leave, you get another entry. This is unlimited! However! There are rules. Earth, recycle or planet must somehow be used in your comment. No nonsense entries-- they won't count.
3) You get three entry points if you post a POEM you have written about either the earth or earth day or something about the planet. This can only be done once a day.

And thats it! Oh, you probably want to know what you're winning!

This contest ends May 5th 2010! So get entering! And yes it is opened INTERNATIONALLY! We all share this earth! :)


  1. Happy Earth Day!

    We must pledge to recycle and reuse;
    We have so much to lose;
    Saving our precious earth must be what we choose.


  2. Happy Earth Day! Let's save the world! ;)

  3. For Earth Day, everyone should go to: and click to save the rainforest!

  4. Happy Earth Day!!!!!!!

  5. We went on a field trip today for Advanced Biology and like all four science teachers walked in on us as we were getting ready to go, telling us that it was Earth day and what a wonderful way to celebrate. The field trip was to collect water samples from a creek and find information on the cleanliness of our site. :)

  6. Happy Earth Day!! We really need to take of our planet!!

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  7. Happy Earth Day! I love this Earth :)

  8. Dusty winds and fire and fumes
    They are making earth lose its plumes
    Lets join hands and save our planet
    Before it's too late to stop the damage.

  9. Happy Earth Day! :)

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  10. Do you see the volcanic ash?
    It's because of earth's huge gash
    Pollution and population
    Development of harried nations
    It all comes at the price
    Of global warming twice at rise!
    Don't you see what you're doing?
    All this destruction- where it's going?
    Awake, arise -it's time you do
    Before it's too late to start anew!

    Glad you're taking this initiative :))

  11. Happy Earth Day!! I loved watching Captain Planet when I was young :P

  12. Wow, This post is so GREEN.Hoping that our earth live longer =)

    I support paper bag for groceries and not plastic bags. Most don't realize plastic bags take longer to decompose. In fact, zillion years!

    HAPPY EARTH DAY everybody!


  13. Happy Belated Earth Day!

  14. dArLyN - I'm with you in the fight against plastic bags! In my family we always bring our own bags (made of fabric) to the grocery store - so much better!


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