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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goddess Boot Camp by Tera Lynn Childs

Rating: 3.5/5.0

Re-Read? Maybe I'll re-read the books next summer.

Recommend? I recommend this series as a great summer read. Perfect for sitting on the porch or by the window.

Release Date: June 11, 2009
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Pages: 224


Phoebe, who recently discovered she’s a descendant of Nike (the goddess, not the shoe), is finding that supernatural powers come with a crazy learning curve. Her stepfather, headmaster of the Academy for descendants of the Greek gods, has enrolled her at Dynamotheos Development Camp—aka Goddess Boot Camp—with a bunch of ten-year-olds for the summer.

Embarrassing as that is, hopefully it’ll help her gain control over her powers in time to pass the test of the gods, continue training hard enough to qualify for the Pythian Games, and enjoy her godly boyfriend, Griffin, all while avoiding the ultimate mistake of accidentally misusing powers.

It’s another fast-paced myth-inspired heroine’s quest that’s sure to bring out the goddess in anyone.

My Thoughts:

Phoebe and her friends are back in this cute new sequel to Oh. My. Gods. Phoebe now has discovered that she is indeed a descendant to Nike, the Goddess of Victory. Things should finally be going her way, right? Wrong. There, of course, is trouble in paradise; Is Griffin cheating on her with his ex? On top of that, Phoebe has to attend Goddess Boot Camp with a bunch of ten-year-olds. Can life get more embarrassing? And then there are the mysterious letters that she begins receiving... Phoebe's life just becomes more complicated by the day.

Goddess Boot Camp was just as cute as its predecessor. A light, funny read that will enthrall any one who is a fan of chic-lit. Likable characters always make the novel for me and a few new ones poped into Phoebe's life. I really thought new connections made the book more interesting. Not everyone is the uber-bitch they present themselves as. So with this new installment, don't judge a book by it's cover!

I had a few problems with this novel. First of all, I really don't like Griffin and this book made me dislike him even more. I know he is a great guy and all, but really? I know if my boyfriend did the things Griffin did to Phoebe, he would have lost all my trust. The beginning was also very slow for me, but once I got into the main story it sped up. It is exactly as I thought it was going to be: cute, quick, and a fun read. Goddess Boot Camp turned out to be a great summer read for a lazy day.


Cover: 3.0
Plot: 3.0
Characters: 4.0
Writing: 4.0


  1. I still have yet to read the first one, but these books look like fun.

  2. I have yet to read the other book...

    Uh,im not much of a summer reads kind of girl lol

    I prefer my dark reads ;)

  3. These books are fun. And same here Taschima, but it's always nice to take a break. :)


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