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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interview: Lisa Mantchev

Lisa Mantchev is the Author of the upcoming release Eyes Like Stars which hits book shelves July 7, 2009.

Find out more information by clicking: The Théâtre Illuminata

Questions on Eyes Like Stars:

Tainted Poet: First off, could you please give us a brief summery of Eyes Like Stars?
Lisa Mantchev: ELS is the story of Beatrice Shakespeare Smith, who lives at the Théâtre Illuminata with all the characters from every play ever written. It's a moving story of self-discovery. With glitter. And cupcakes. And great costuming.

TP: How much of yourself would you say you put into your main character Bertie?
LM: She has my love of the theater and coffee. I didn't start dying my hair until I hit college, though, and never blue.

TP: Are you a fan of Shakespeare? Or was there another reason for all the Shakespearean references and characters?
LM: Whenever I read one of his plays, I get an awed feeling at the idea of writing iambic pentameter with a quill pen... especially when I stop to think about how often I use the "delete" key in my word processor! I really enjoy pieces that riff on his work, too. "The Shakespeare Code" is one of my very favorite episodes of Doctor Who, for example, and I love movies like "10 Things I Hate About You" that use his storylines in a modern setting.

TP: Who would you say is your favorite character and why?
LM: It started with Bertie, so I'll stick with her.

TP: Peaseblossom is my favorite. Which Fairy are you most fond of?
LM: It's funny... I think of them as "Pease and The Boys." I can't pick a favorite, any more than a mom would tell you which of her kids she likes best... mostly because they would shove jelly beans up my nose while I'm sleeping if I said otherwise.

TP: What inspired you to write about the Theatre?
LM: I started performing in community theater when I was seven, then majored in Drama in college, so it's something with which I was familiar (that old adage of "Write what you know.") I've always felt that theaters are magical, and hoped readers might feel the same way I do.

TP: Is there a particular message you want readers to take away from ELS?
LM: "Go to the theater. See a play."

TP: Eyes Like Stars is the first of a Trilogy. When is the next one expected to be released?
LM: PERCHANCE TO DREAM will be released in the Fall of 2010, and the third book in the Théâtre Illuminata series in 2011.

Other Questions:

TP: What is your biggest literary inspiration?
LM: Probably the Shoes books by Noel Streatfeild (particularly Ballet Shoes.)

TP: Do you have any particular foods or drinks you like to eat or drink when you're writing?
LM: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. I also love having nibbles nearby (small candies, like Reece's Pieces, Skittles, or jelly beans) that I can nom as I think.

TP: Music or no music while writing? If so, what do you listen to?
LM: If I listen to music, which isn't often, because I get distracted easily, it's instrumental... like the "Assassin's Tango" from the Mr. & Mrs. Smith soundtrack. I listened to that on repeat while choreographing the tango scene.

TP: Are there any particular authors that inspire you?
LM: I just finished Frank Beddor's Looking Glass Wars, which was super-shiny. I also love Patricia McKillip's sensory details and Neil Gaiman's sense-of-wonder. Terry Pratchett's books really gave me permission to let out my inner smart-arse.

TP: Why did you decided to write Young Adult?
LM: I didn't, actually. Before tackling the novel, I was writing short, speculative fiction, and "YA" isn't really a separate genre in that field. While writing it, I just thought of is as "this neat thing I'm working on." Then I sold to a YA imprint, and realized the majority of my reading material comes from the YA/teen section of the bookstore. I had a moment of glorious realization that I'd finally found my place, my writing "home."

TP: How much time do you usually spend writing daily?
LM: It's a full time job for me now, but I work it in around parenting and laundry and vacuuming up the dog-hair tumbleweeds. And "writing" isn't just putting down first draft material... it might also mean revising, which I've been doing nonstop for about nine months, or copyediting, or reading page proofs. It's also blogging and networking and organizational stuff. The hours certainly add up!

TP: What is a question no one ever asks, but you wish that they would?
LM: Nobody ever asks me the meaning of life, which means I have to randomly shout "Forty-two!" at people on the street.


I am personally very excited for this release! Lisa was great to work with and I would just like to give her a round of applause for the wonderful book she has written for us! Brava!

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  1. Great interview! I've wanted to read Eyes Like Stars for a while now and now I want to read it even more!

    That picture of her and her baby is adorable!


  2. Hahaha Lisa is so much fun!

    Great interview! ^^

  3. Awww!!! She's Sooo Cute!! Awesome Interview!! I'd Love To Meet Her...


  4. I love The Looking Glass Wars and Disc World, too! Those books are like an exercise in what you can get away with as far imagination goes. The fact that she loves those books makes me super excited to read ELS!

  5. She sounds so sweet!! And it's really inspiring that she's doing this full time as well as parenting. I really admire that. I love her responses haha she's adorable. :)

  6. Looks like she knows what she's writing about! That's very cool that she majored in drama and she sounds so great. How cool that she love Frank Beddor's series - I'm so looking forward to the last in the trilogy. I can't wait to read ELS and anything else she writes in the future!

  7. vaccuming dog hair tumbleweeds. xD!

    that's good imagery.

  8. Such a cute pic. She seems really cool. Great interview.

  9. Great interview -- it's nice to see someone who loves Shakespeare and has used that in a modern way.

  10. Great interview. Its always nice to see different questions that actually relate to the book.

  11. This was a great interview! I can't wait to read Eyes Like Stars.

  12. Awesome interview. she sounds like the kind of person id be friends with. lol
    Cant wait for her books!

  13. EXCELLENT interview. I'll be posting my review later today, and so don't need to win an ARC, but wanted to comment anyhow. Well done, both of you!

  14. Great interview - Excited that this is part of a trilogy. For some reason I just love trilogies!

  15. This book for me is a "Cant Wait to Read"

    Love the interview, ;)

  16. ive heard of this book and ive wanted to read it so much!
    great interview.
    it gives good insight into what inspires lisa while shes writing.

  17. She loves Shakespeare AND she watches Doctor Who? WOW. She is my new idol.

  18. Great review! I'm certainly interested in reading anything by someone else who likes Neil Gaiman (and who listens to instrumental music!). Also, The Shakespearean Code IS one of the best Dr. Who episodes ever.



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