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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just wanted to say...

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been crazy busy. I have a con this weekend and have been in super mode working on my costume and all of that nonsense. Just wanted to put a reminder that my Hush, Hush contest ENDS this Tuesday!! So enter enter enter if you haven't!! If you comment on here, I might even give you an extra entry. ;)

Click the picture above or click here!

Ends September 22th, 2009 at Midnight your time.


  1. I can't wait!! The cover for "hush,hush" has to be my favorite of this year.

    Morning Glow
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  2. Hush, Hush...I want to read this so badly.

    Ohhhh, what's your costume? (:

  3. Hi :)
    Morning Glow's comment beat me to it, but HUS HUSH is my favorite cover too.
    The artist is bound to win an award for it.
    Thanks for the contest Eli
    All the best,
    twitter: @RKCharron

  4. Where's that extra point? ;D

    I was at B&N last night and saw Rampant on one of the tables. I thought of you :) and then I thought about buying it, lol...

    Oooh, I want to see that costume. What is it?

  5. I CANNOT wait to read this! And I adore the cover as well :D


  6. Do we get to see pictures of your costume?

    I entered. And I agree with Morning Glow; Hush, Hush is my favorite cover of the year (to date). It's beautiful.

  7. Have fun at the con! I hope you're planning on posting pictures of your costume. :-)

  8. I want to go to a con!
    I want the book, too! :)
    neohippy10 hotmail

  9. What costume are you putting together? Have fun!

  10. I'm obsessed with getting my hands on a copy. I just found out about your site, so I'll definitely be following and entering the contest later! :)

  11. I want to see your costume too :)
    Hush Hush has one of the best covers of the year, definitely! I just want to stare at it every time I see it.

  12. OH I have to hurry up then! Thanks for reminding me :)


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