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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon The Movie

So last night, I attended the New Moon movie premier at midnight. I brought my boyfriend (who absolutely hates Twilight) and I went with a friend and her boyfriend. (I promise this contains no spoilers).

First off, I have to mention that my boyfriend actually LIKED it. That is telling you something right there. The directing was so much better then Twilight's. Everything was improved 110%. The acting, the special effects, the accuracy to the book-- everything. I have to say I loved it. Now, I'm no Twihard, but I have at least read every book around two or three times. So it takes a lot to impress me when I know the books so well. Twilight was a disappointment. New Moon wasn't. I was actually speechless.

If you're iffy on seeing New Moon because you're afraid it will be as poorly done as Twilight, reconsider. I highly recommend it to anyone. Go see it! I promise it won't be as disappointing as Twilight.


  1. That's so good to hear, because Twilight was really, really disappointng. I'm not a Twihard or Twilighter or anything either, though I have read the books, but I'll probably see this eventually. The previews do look a lot more promising than the first one.

  2. Wasnt it great?? I really liked it, it was great, better than Twilight, Im glad you enjoyed it!! xD

  3. I haven't seen New Moon yet, but I really want to. Everyone has mixed reviews about it, but it does all come down to: It's much better than Twilight.

    Plus - I mean with Taylor in it...who can resist watching it? :)

    I'll probably go see it soon.

  4. I loved it so much! It soooo much better then the crappy first one : D

  5. Good things my friends are dragging me to see it then! xD

  6. I liked that you can take a guy to this one and he doesn't feel like he's leaving without his testicles. Twilight was very girly mush. This one was a REAL movie.

  7. Ohh, thanks! I'm glad you and your boyfriend enjoyed it. I was sort of scared that New Moon would be a dissapointment like Twilight, but I'm fairly ceratin I'll be going to see it now. :)

  8. You were right, Eli! New Moon kicked Twilight's arse :)

  9. Observation: Lautner made all the other actors (with their shirts off) look out of shape and flabby


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