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Thursday, March 24, 2011

13 to Life by Shannon Delany

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Release Date: June 22, 2010
Age Level: 14+
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Pages: 320

Recommend? I recommend this to all paranormal fans!

Everything about Jessie Gillmansen’s life changed when her mother died. Now even her hometown of Junction is changing. Mysterious dark things are happening. All Jessie wants is to avoid more change. But showing a hot new guy around Junction High, she’s about to discover a whole new type of change.

Pietr Rusakova is more than good looks and a fascinating accent—he’s a guy with a dangerous secret. And his very existence is sure to bring big trouble to Jessie’s small town. It seems change is the one thing Jessie can’t avoid…
My Thoughts:

13 to Life is a unique tale staring an intelligent heroine who gets mixed up in more then she could have ever guessed. While starting a bit slow, 13 to Life was a fun read that had an interesting Russian twist in it. Making our sexy Pietr Russian was fantastic-- I haven't seen too many Russian backgrounds in YA books, so it was a great learning experience.

First off, I loved this book. I felt that even though it had many themes in common with other YA lit, it was also super unique and unlike anything I have read before. Events do not play out as you would think they would (as in, the heroine is NOT dating the super sexy Pietr! Her half-psycho friend is!) and in a way, the main character is a liar-- even though she does it with good intent. Jessie cares more about everyone elses well-being, she forgets herself and gets caught in some pretty horrible situations (like having half-psycho friend date the boy she likes).

It took me sometime to warm up to the other characters. I felt some of them were down played in the beginning-- so much so that I forgot who a few of them were when they reappeared later in the book (sorry Sophia!). I though Jessie's little sister was cute and I loved Amy. I have a feeling I know what's going to end up happening with Sarah-- I'm just waiting for the blow-out! Maybe in book two? Or will her memories never return? I can't wait to find out!

I can't wait to start book two in the series, Secrets and Shadows which was released on February 14th this year. If you haven't picked up this series, I highly recommend you do!


Cover: 4.0
Plot: 4.0
Characters: 4.0
Writing: 4.0

Source: Purchased from store.


  1. Glad you liked this one. I loved Jessie as a main character.

  2. Hmm, thanks for the review. :) And I see the cover for the second book on your side bar. :) And it is just as taking as this one.

    I've not really heard of many Russian themed books either. Interesting. Thanks!


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