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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Woah! So today I sign on and find out that over the weekend, I hit the 200 mark!! Thank you all my darling followers-- I appreciate all your comments and input. It really means a TON to me. Also, my contest now has 2 winners (due to one of the rules.)! Yay! So as of right now, here is what's happening:

First Place: Hush, Hush ARC

Second Place: Surprise Book! x)

Haha, so that's what is going on with the contest. Oh but there is more! Once my Hush, Hush contests ends, then I will throwing... Another contest!! This one will be a 200 follower contest. And I have quite a few goodies to give away in it-- so keep a look out for it!
Thank you again!


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