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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Contest Reminder!

I just want to remind everyone that my contest for ICE ends tomorrow at midnight (or 11:59 pm if you want to be ridiculous lol). Enter Enter Enter! You still have a great chance of winning since there aren't too many entries yet. :) (To enter click the picture, the word Ice, or click enter enter enter)!

In fact, if you comment here, I'll give you an extra... TWO entries! Sound good? If you want the entries, comment here and use the word "ice" in a sentence. Be creative! The most creative sentence gets FIVE extra entries!!! So that means... a possible 2-7 extra entries just for commenting here!! Fun, right? Hehe.


  1. Yes this is fun, I really want to read ICE.. looks so good. Thanks for hosting this awesome contest!! ;)

  2. Am I naughty or am I nice, I dont know, so I eat shaved ice.

    *Bahahahha that was really lame, oh well:)

  3. Eating shaved ice??

    I like to eat me some shaved ice, so as I don't catch me some lice...

    Do love the looks of this book. Thanks for the contest! - Parajunkee

  4. Eating shaved ice and escaping lice?

    I'd rather go gambling and roll me some dice.

    Okay, so what I just wrote what crap LOL.

    Remember my entry Eliiiii. I did through emailz. :)

  5. I remember Sandy! You're not the only one who entered through email. :)

    I just wanted to comment and tell everyone this ends the same time as the actual contest! :DD

  6. Already entered the contest, Ice sounds so amazing! =) Really awesome that you're hosting, it's very generous of you. :)

  7. Good girls are made of sugar and spice, but my girls are made of vodka and ice :-P

  8. This is a wonderful contest!

    Well, for the record, swallowing ice can really hurt. I've done it by accident, and unfortunately, have scraped my throat pretty badly. I don't recommend it.

  9. I'd like ice... not lice or mice.

    (Extra lame, I know.)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Ice, ice baby... dodoododoodododoo(snap fingers here)

    I forgot the sentence, I suppose that makes me as slick as ice! :)

    I am glad I saw this reminder because I don't believe I have entered yet!

  12. I entered by commenting on the actual ICE post- email= hoping you can find it and connect this comment (and extra entries) to it? :D

  13. The ice in his eyes makes me cringe,
    The ice in his smile makes me cower,
    But it’s the ice surrounding his heart that makes me cry.

    LoL, sorry that was kind of wierd :P
    Awesome reminder though! Hehe, I seriously cant wait to read Ice!!
    I commented in the first near the beggining as well :D


  14. I hold the power to crush ships into crumbles, you must’ve have heard of me I’m the infamous one who sunk titanic. I have the power to kill anyone with only an embrace. Yet Alas the sun is the only one to cause me terror.

    I am the one the, the only, I am known as Ice.

    (That must sound horrible, I don't think it even rhymes.)


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