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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eli's Weekly Post -10

Hey everyone! When does everyone's break start? Mine starts on Friday (Thank goodness!) and I am sooo looking forward to it. Finals are taking over my life right now-- I'm taking breaks from studying so that I can get on the blogosphere and check out everyone's blogs/posts. Sorry I haven't been able to comment too much! I will be back to normal soon. :3

Oh, I recently have been checking out fashion blogs (which are pretty cool) and came across Tavi at Style Rookie. She's only 13 and so accomplished! And she's really cute. If you're into fashion, I definitely think you should check out her blog. She posts nearly everyday and there is always something interesting to look at.

I have also been checking out a few baking blogs! I really love Elissa's 17 and Baking. This blog is fantastic and I can't wait to check out one of her recipes! Makes me hungry just visiting her page... x)

I also want to tell everyone that they NEED to go enter Taschima's super awesome Holiday contest!! You can win up to 3 books and there is more then one place, so a better chance at winning!! So go enter... HERE!

Also, to those readers who saw New Moon, what did you think of Alice's outfits? I thought she was absolutely adorable. I don't know about you, but I want this outfit! I love those fingerless gloves! How would you guys like to win a pair? ;) Just a thought.

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  1. **Edit: I added in the 17 and baking. Sorry, O forgot it when I originally posted this.


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