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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dragon*Con and The Decatur Book Festival-- Part One

Dragon*Con and The Decatur Book Festival both took place this past weekend in Atlanta and this year I made the effort to attend both of them!

Dragon*Con, if you're not familiar, is a Sci-fi convention that is held in Atlanta annually. I attended Saturday with fellow book blogger Danni from the Romantic Harbor. After we waited in line for two hours to get our tickets (OMG) we finally got into the con and were able to take a look around. Our first event was a signing with Sherrilyn Kenyon, author of the new YA series The Chronicles of Nick, but also a romance series called the Dark Hunters.

Sherrilyn was fantastic! Not only did she take her time with each of her fans, but she insisted on hugs and would sign anything you gave her! She even signed my Dragon*Con Pass! They also were giving away posters of Infinity (the first book in the Chronicles of Nick) and I was able to grab two. I will be giving one away as part of the giveaway when I get to 400 followers! So keep a look out for that! After her signing, we attended her Q&A, which was a lot of fun!

(Me-left, Sherrilyn Kenyon-right)

After Sherrilyn's events, we attended an event where Kathleen Duey (author of Skin Hunger) was part of the panel. It was called Images of Love and it was mostly about how books these days (like Twilight) affect young and impressionable girls. We discussed positive and negative aspects about Edward being so pushy and Bella being such a weak heroine. It was a very interesting event, and afterward I was able to talk a bit with Kathleen Duey. She was so nice and I was able to get a picture with her!

I also met another book blogger there -- The Literary Omnivore. We exchanged links and I'm glad to have another Atlanta blogger friend!

(Kathleen Duey-left, Me-right)
Stay tuned for my next post, where I went to the Decatur Book Festival and met Cassandra Clare, Michelle Zink, Jackson Pearce, and more!

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  1. Kenyon and her fans seem like a nice bunch, and that cover art for Infinity is ridiculously eye-catching.

    The "Images of Love" panel was amazing; I'm actually writing a paper (for kicks and giggles) on reading Twilight as the consumption of Bella as a person and identity, and I'm glad I waited until after that panel to start on it.

    And it was wonderful to meet you! My Dragon*Con round-up for the blog is going up tomorrow, although it just focuses on Brandon Sanderson.


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