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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Forget Beach Reads. Darken Your Summer Days.

I had to post this-- This is something I deeply agree with!! Who wants beach reads when you can dig into some paranormal goodness? x) From Penguin Young Readers.


  1. It's very true. Summer is the best time to read books and get totally creeped out (for example, re-reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth and then hoping you aren't attacked by Zombies).

  2. What could be better than getting the chills on a hot, summer day? You'll save money on your AC bill!

  3. I want blood promise so much...

    WELL if I actually go to the beach I will just, you know, bring a dark book with me xD

    I am not a fan of the beach, but sometimes its just to f* hot!

  4. I saw this video over at their website! I couldn't agree more.


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