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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free The Hunger Games poster!

Just wanted to give a shout out that Hot Topic is giving away a free The Hunger Games poster when you bring in a coupon that you get from an app on facebook (see above for the poster)! I got mine today and it's AWESOME! So if you live near a Hot Topic and you love The Hunger Games, I suggest you check this out!

Click here to go to the app and get the coupon!

"May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor"


  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing the info. I might get mine today. :D

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm really sorry about your grandparents, Eli. I lost my grandfather last year and I still can't get over it.

    I'm thinking of you. Take care *hugs*

  3. I love The Hunger Games, so this is just awesome... Thank you for letting us know about this, Eli!


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