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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr

Rating: 4.75

Re-Read? Definitely re-readable!

Recommend? I recommend the Wicked Lovely series to older teens who love the paranormal. Especially those who love the fey!

Release Date: February 22, 2011
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 336

The Summer King is missing; the Dark Court is bleeding; and a stranger walks the streets of Huntsdale, his presence signifying the deaths of powerful fey.Aislinn tends to the Summer Court, searching for her absent king and yearning for Seth. Torn between his new queen and his old love, Keenan works from afar to strengthen his court against the coming war. Donia longs for fiery passion even as she coolly readies the Winter Court for battle. And Seth, sworn brother of the Dark King and heir to the High Queen, is about to make a mistake that could cost his life.

Love, despair, and betrayal ignite the Faery Courts, and in the final conflict, some will win . . . and some will lose everything.
The thrilling conclusion to Melissa Marr's New York Times bestselling Wicked Lovely series will leave readers breathless.

My Thoughts:

First off, I have to say I deeply enjoyed Darkest Mercy. It had to be one of my favorite installments in the whole series. It had a very satisfying ending that I'm sure left most all readers happy in at least some aspects. It was utterly fantastic and I have to say I loved the whole series and I'm sad that it is over. That being said, here is my super-inappropriate-pleasedon'ttakethisserieousbecausei'msureiamtheonlyonewhothinksthis-sad-rant-thatihopedoesn'tcontainspoilersbutjustincasebewarned:

Keenan is my absolute favorite character in this whole series and my biggest disappointment was that I really really DISLIKED the way things ended in almost all aspects concerning him. There was a particular point in the book where I just had to come to terms with certain changes in events, but really-- they just kept piling up when it came to my dear Keenan. I felt that instead of being happy for him at the end, I was merely accepting his fate, even though most people would agree that it was a good ending for him (trying to keep this spoiler free is REALLY HARD). If you have read my past reviews on this series, you would understand my stance on who he should really belong with, but alas-- I cannot control their feelings anymore then I can force Melissa Marr to write the ending as I wish it. END-RANT.

Ahem, now that that's out of my system, back to the review (I apologize that this review is so informal-- books that really stir me up bring out this side of me). Darkest Mercy was a really hard book for me to put down-- I would have easily read it in one sitting if not for the fact it was midterm week. It was captivating, emotional, and definitely attention grabbing-- All wrapped up in one of the prettiest dust jackets of the series (and that's saying something). I read a lot of books and I have to say this book (and series) has definitely left an impression on me that goes deep enough to ensure I'll be stalking Melissa Marr's career till the end of forever.

Darkest Mercy was a brilliant end to an altogether fantastic/sexy/unique series.

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Cover: 5.0
Plot: 4.5
Characters: 4.5
Writing: 5.0

Source: Purchased from Store.


  1. Oh great review! And I loved the rant. :) I love when books touch us more than usual and sounds like that character did just that. :) Thank you!

  2. I hated how Seth ended up with Ash :(


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